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Clinical Results


Before procedure
Consult with a specialist to see if the procedure is right for you.
If you are taking any medications, consult with a specialist.
If you have had any other treatments beforehand, contact a specialist.
Be sure to consult with a specialist before proceeding.
Day of procedure
Wear comfortable clothes.
Wipe off make up cleanly before the procedure.
The procedure takes about 10 minutes.
The procedure time depends on the patient’s skin condition.
There may be momentary pain, depending on the area, during the procedure.
After procedure
No recovery period is required after the procedure.
Makeup may be applied immediately after the procedure.
Temporary itching, redness, or swelling may occur in the treatment area, but it usually disappears within a few hours.
Some pain may remain after the procedure, but it will disappear within 1 to 2 hours.
Moisturize the treated area with a moisturizing cream.
If pain persists after the procedure, or if you develop burns , scabs, or abnormal neurological symptoms, contact a specialist immediately.

Clinical results

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